Good news everyone. We have updated and refurbished the Activity Timer for OS X. Now you can manage your activities with less mouse clicks. We have also added the long wished keyboard shortcut functionality for starting and stopping the timer.

Clear arranged window shows all the activities. Open it with 1 click

The “smart” input allows you to define activity times using values like “1min” or “4h” or even “10:30:30. With this you can define more accurate activity lengths. Give it a try, it still integrates smoothly into the status bar.

  • Yaphet Smallwood

    Great app. Very happy with it. But then I had a need for a timer that recorded elapsed time, and I feel this functionality should be included, rather than having to purchase a separate app. How do I request this feature? Thanks.

  • radiokrishna

    Really missed elapsed time tracker! If I paid for a certain number of hours, it is easy to keep track of my work. But if we sit with a client, I need to keep track of how much time we spend working.

    Also, elapsed timer helps productivity, if you turn it on and glancing how long you spent on the execution of the task or on useless web-surfing.