different people, different approaches

The main reason for me to develop software is and was always because it’s fun and I love creating things. And most of the time it starts with a little problem, for which I need some kind of software-based solution.

This was the same for the “Activity Timer” application.

First I stumbled across the Pomodoro Technique couple of months ago and I really loved the simple approach of optimising the daily tasks using well defined small time periods.
After a while I thought that I need the simplest timer possible which integrates smoothly into my Mac OS X system. There was no such timer application in the App Store which satisfied me and so I started to create this little app.

Some users who installed the timer, use it in the same way I use it. But because it’s relatively generic and not only focussed on the Pomodoro Technique it can be used also for other timing tasks. One of the most interesting usages is the one I recognised based on a rating in the App Store:

Usage as a 'cooking timer'
Usage as a ‘cooking timer’

I really like this approach and it also makes me happy – not only because it’s a good rating :). It makes me happy mainly because it also shows the diversity of the people, which is in my opinion one of the best things in mankind.