I remember this funny Gizmodo article from 2011 where Sam asked “why Apple is making everything looking like an ugly wild west”. And we have seen all this development during the last years where everyone tried to use as much skeuomorphic elements as possible in web- and mobile applications. I also like Dieter Rams, but enough is enough.

Dieter Rams Braun
UI elements inspired by Dieter Rams (by Adrian Olczak)

And all these ugly textures everyone hates during the 90s came back. And now – thanks to Windows Phone 8 (?) – the trend is going back to simplicity and clean interfaces.

Clean WIndows Phone UI
Clean WIndows Phone UI

TechCrunch wrote today about this years WWDC application and so I took a look on it and yes, it looks much more cleaner and flat than the older Apple applications.

WWDC 2013 App
Apples 2013 WWDC application.

Maybe Apple got some inspiration from the clean Windows UI design? Don’t know, but I like this development.