Tristan Louis lists some reasons why social networks may fail. One reason is that people pay attention to their privacy and are not willing to share all their private data. Tristan also says that such networks have to get more integrated with other applications and have to stop their existence as “walled gardens”.

But i mean, if you would follow these proposals and increase the integration and share more data with the outside world, the lack of privacy would become much more bigger. And then we would return to the first reason “privacy concerns”.

In my opinion the most of the social networks fail, because there are too much of them. There are some well-known which run excellent and most of their users doesn’t care about privacy. The rest of the networks – all the copyists – will die in the next 15 months. And between the players there will be a selection.
Its because the users don’t feel like maintain their private data in X networks. It consumes to much time and results in nothing. But we will see. 😉

  • Paul

    yeah i think the whole web two ooh will come to an end………..real soon 😉

  • Tristan Louis

    It’s an interesting connundrum, isn’t it. I agree with your assumption that there are too many social networks but that’s a normal phenomenon and consolidation will eventually happen around a few networks. I think LinkedIn, for example, is a likely survivor as a standalone one and companies using social networking as a component (for example MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, etc…) will be OK as it is not their only reason to live. The balance between privacy and openness is an interesting one. I’m not sure of how to address it… yet :)