Fixing Elastic Beanstalk Pip error on El Capitan

You want to upgrade the AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI tool using pip on Mac El Capitan like this…

pip install --upgrade awsebcli

…and got this?

DEPRECATION: Uninstalling a distutils installed project (six) has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. This is due to the fact that uninstalling a distutils project will only partially uninstall the project.

and an error which looks like this?

OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: ‘/tmp/pip-60cnQx-uninstall/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Extras/lib/python/six-1.4.1-py2.7.egg-info’

 You can fix this using

pip install --upgrade awsebcli --ignore-installed six

EMR 4.0.0 in AWS Data Pipeline

I like the AWS Data Pipeline and love to start EMR clusters with it. Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to use the EMR-4.0.0 release when starting a EMR cluster using the pipeline. You currently just find the amiVersion option in the EmrCluster options. Which is bad if you like to use a Hadoop version greater than 2.4.0. This is not supported in the highest amiVersion 3.9.0.

This is the most up-to-date configuration you can get:

"hadoopVersion": "2.4.0",
"amiVersion": "3.9.0"

What does Amazon says to this? I just found this comment in the forum:

currently emr-4.0.0 is not supported on Datapipeline, we are working on it but at the moment I cannot provide and ETA on this.

Jeff Barr is coming to town

Der gute Jeff Barr, seines Zeichens Mann für die Web-Services bei Amazon und Fan von Second Life, kommt am 14.5 ins schöne München und gibt einiges im Umfeld einer Amazon-Veranstaltung zum Besten:

Im Rahmen des 45-minütigen Vortrages wird Jeff Barr folgende Themen vorstellen:

  • Innovationen und internationale Beispiele der Nutzung von Amazon Ecommerce Services (ECS) im Rahmen des Partnerprogramms.
  • Skizzierung von Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes der Amazon ECommerce Services (ECS) für Social Commercce / Web 2.0 Websites
  • Nutzung der Amazon Web Services und des Amazon Partnerprogramms in Second Life

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