Update to iOS 9. Splunk, Cocoa Pods, SSL Domains & co.

I am working with an app which is updated infrequently every few months. This time it was necessary to build with the SDK iOS 9.0. But when I want to build the app using XCode I got this error:

“This app is not allowed to query for scheme cydia”

BUT WHO THE HELL is Cydia? :) Because I never used Jailbroken devices I didn’t know that Cydia is the App Store alternative for jailbroken devices. My App uses Splunk MINT for monitoring and they call the scheme “cydia://” to check if a device is jailbroken, because most jailbroken devices have Cydia installed. Anyway. This was the message everything started with and finally led to a chain of updating different parts.

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Can’t re-install app from Apples App Store

Problem: I developed an application via Xcode and published it in the App Store. I then continued developing it and removed the application I had installed from the AppStore.

When I try to re-install it from the AppStore I got the following message:

“If you want to replace it with this version, move the existing app to the trash”

I deleted all the data for this application from

  • ~/Library/Containers
  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • the application itself of course

But still. It was not possible to re-install it. Finally I stumbled across lsregister – a tool for the Launch Service Database and this command helped me:

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain user

After that, the install worked.

Image Credit: dirty rotten apple 2 by Lara604 (CC BY 2.0)

Couldn’t load myproject.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace

I just had the problem, that I created a brand new project in Xcode and wanted to add CocoaPods to it. When I opened my newly created workspace I got the error:

Couldn’t load myproject.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace

Only the Pods project was correctly listed in the workspace – myproject not. The solution was to close the project in Xcode and close Xcode before running

pod install

The steps to fix this issue:

  1. Create new project in XCode
  2. Close the project via “File > Close Project”
  3. Close XCode
  4. Go into the project directory
  5. add the Podfile
  6. run pod install
  7. Open the workspace


Change PRODUCT_NAME in iPhone project

I was just looking to change the value of the ${PRODUCT_NAME} variable and found this:

1. Go to “Targets” and then do a “Get Info” on the application name.

2. In the window that pops up, go to the “Build” tab.

3. In the “Setting” column, go to the “Packaging” section and expand it if it isn’t already expanded.

4. In that section, change the “Product Name” entry to the desired name.

Found here: